by: THeLooX
Last update: 16/05/2003


Limits the number of text lines sent each second.
Supports channels messages, private messages, notices and CTCPs. Also a per-server limit.

- Fixed a bug in initialization.
- Fixed a temp bug, when using ^ to call aliases.


Copy it to your scripts directory, and select it on the config dialog.

By default it limits to 1 line per second, to change this behavior type (on any virc window):

/@s $LX_SF_Delay = xxx

where xxx is the delay in milliseconds between each line. ie, to send 2 lines per second (one every 500ms):

/@s $LX_SF_Delay = 500

Note: It may not work with another scripts, if they modify the default alias (say, me, msg, notice, etc).

If you have modified this alias, in order to use your custom alias, prefix them with a c (this script calls c-functions instead of calling directly the builtin)


alias say
*say \b\k8,9 $1-

would be:

alias csay

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