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Fetch 27/04/2002

by: wombat


It can be used by scripters to pull pages or textfiles off any webpage. It can NOT pull binary files off the web I think.

You call it with the name of the alias you want the data passed on to, and the URL you want to get the data from. Optionally with a filter expression which will only pass data along that contains the filter word. As usual, feel free to use in any way you see fit. If you want to try it out, try these here:
/fetch href
The first one will pull the whole HTML of the start page, the second one only the HTTP header, the third one all the links, and display them locally as a list. You can ofcourse pass the data to your own alias and then parse the text using $listindex(). It's really not terribly useful, but it might serve as a simple example of the HTTP protocol and sockets handling in virc.

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