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Forms-vsc 14/06/2002

by: Mr2001


OVS code for every built-in ViRC form. Each form is in its own file, created by bconv.

TChannelForm is in TCHANNELFORM.vsc, and so on. Note that I haven't modified the files at all--well, except for one part --so you can't expect to just load them in ViRC and have working forms appear. They all refer to hardcoded event handlers that you can't directly call from a script, many of the properties and classes are unavailable in OVS, and in fact many of the files aren't valid script code at all>
The files will mostly be useful to curious scripters who want to use $MapObject() with undocumented controls, or clone ViRC forms to be replaced by scripts (e.g., channel control or /list windows). Your mileage may vary, this code comes with no warranty of fitness for any purpose, and I deny all liability for loss of data or hair.

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